Diguo Wooden Coffee Tamper (Various Sizes)


This is a really cool, stylish looking heavy weight tamper with a height adjustable dark wood handle, and a stainless steel flat base.

It has a slow curve neck from the handle to the base, which makes it a really comfortable tamper to use, and the ability to remove the metal spacer for a shorter handle is a handy feature.

This is available in various sizes from 49mm - 58mm, to match most portafilter sizes, and it's one of the better quality low priced tampers on the market

• Dark wood handle
• Flat, stainless steel base
• Adjustable handle height
• Ergonomic design for comfortable tamping

This is one of the best, really low priced tampers, in my humble opinion. I must admit, when I first got my hands on this, I did pose the question to myself, why would anyone need to spend any more than this on a tamper?

Honestly, there are some VERY expensive tampers out there, I've got most of them, and if we're talking about standard tampers (not spring loaded), this is as good as any of the much more expensive tampers I've used. 

It's heavy weight, the 58mm version is around 430 grams, the handle feels really nice to hold, and I really like the curve from the handle to the base, it just makes it a really comfortable platform to rest your thumb and forefinger on when tamping. 

The adjustable height is a neat little feature, OK it's only 5mm of adjustment but it definitely makes a difference to tamping position, so I'd just try it with and without the adjustment ring to see what suits you better.

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