Wooden Handled 51mm Coffee Tamper


This is a decent value for money wooden handled tamper with a 51mm flat bottomed metal base.

It'll work for all 51mm portafilters including DeLonghi Dedica, Smeg ECF01 and La Pavoni Europiccola (2000 and onwards).

There's really not an great deal to say about this portafilter, it's a basic, wood handled portafilter with a flat alloy base. If you're literally just looking for a tamper that will do the job, and you're not interested in shelling out any more than you absolutely need to, this will do the job, for any 51mm portafilter machines.

• 51mm tamper
• Flat, alloy base
• 300g weight
• Solid wooden handle

So basically this is a straight forward decent value tamper, it has no bells or whistles, just a flat metal base and a wooden handle, all you really need. 

If you want to spend more on a tamper, you certainly can, but in terms of what you might get for the additional spend - if you're wanting a standard basic tamper, probably not a great deal.

If you want a calibrated tamper, then in my opinion that's something worth spending a few quid on, as consistency of tamp pressure is very important, so this removes one of the many variables. 

But if you're not fussed, and you literally just want a solid, wooden handled tamper that will do the job for the minimum investment, I don't think you can go wrong with this.

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