Breville One Touch Espresso Machine.


I have to admit, when I discovered how many people are buying the Breville one touch coffee house, I nearly spat my coffee out. 

This is one of the best selling coffee machines in the UK at the moment, and honestly, that amazes me, and I think it's proof that the UK is a long, long way behind other countries (especially Australia & New Zealand) where coffee is concerned.

Would I want to own this machine, oh heck no. I wouldn't even want to use it as a door stop. Does this mean you shouldn't, though? Not necessarily, you might love it, and I'll explain why.

So the bottom line here is that this is very much a machine for "normal" coffee drinkers. If you even have a mild interest in speciality coffee and the home barista hobby, then this isn't for you.

It's also not a one touch machine, technically speaking - but it's MUCH cheaper than one touch bean to cup coffee machines, and it makes much hotter milk drinks than most.

So if you were looking for a one touch cappuccino/latte maker, and you like very hot latte or cappuccino, and you don't want to spend the roughly £600-£700 or more that it usually costs to buy a one touch machine, you might love this machine, as many people do.


Features and Benefits

• 1.4 L Water Tank
• Auto Frothing Milk Carafe
• Maximum Cup Height 10cm
• 22cm Wide 27cm Deep and 32cm Tall

So let's start off with this "One Touch" thing first.

They're calling it the one touch, I assume because it has a one touch milk carafe, that is, the same kind of auto milk frothing carafe that one touch machines have.

But what really makes one touch machines one touch, that they have integrated grinders, internal brewing units, and a user interface that allows the user to just select whatever drink they want and have the machine do the rest.

This isn't a one touch machine by any sense of the word. It's basically a low cost, traditional pump espresso machine with a portafilter, with a milk carafe attached that you'd usually find on a one touch bean to cup machine.

You have to dose the basket in the portafilter with pre-ground coffee (or grind your own), give it a light tamp, insert it into the group, and even then, there's more than one touch of the buttons required to make your cappuccino or latte - if you're making a large latte for example, that requires two touches.

The milk texture is OK, it's very standard one touch milk carafe texture, nothing to write home about, but it does the job and most "normal" coffee drinkers I think will be more than happy with it.

If you're one of the many people in the UK who likes scalding hot milkies, then you'll probably really like this machine, even though this is one of the things I really can't stand about this machine.

I don't like my milkies made with burnt milk, and I can tell the difference in the cup if I take the milk a bit too hot, it just dulls the flavour down, taking away some of the sweetness that the milk or milk alternative brings.

But if you're someone who likes very hot cappuccino or latte and you like to add sugar or syrup, then you'll be replacing the lost sweetness.

I measured the milk temperature, and most of the time it was up to about 75C, which for me is 10-15C too hot. If you would usually ask for an extra hot cappuccino or latte when ordering from a cafe, though, then you'll probably be really happy with this temperature.

So, if you want a cheap (it may not seem cheap, but it's about a quarter of the price of even entry level one touch bean to cup coffee machines) machine that is simple to use, and isn't "one touch" but is relatively quick and easy to use once you know what you're doing, and that will make really hot cappuccino and latte, this might be the machine for you.

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