Aeropress Manual Coffee Maker


The Aeropress is one of the easiest to use, fastest & most versatile coffee brewers ever developed, if you don’t have one, you need one!

When Alan Adler (who invented the Aerobie flying ring) designed the Aeropress, he was just trying to produce a better way to make a single cup of coffee quickly. 

What he developed is so much more than that! The Aeropress has an almost cult-like following, heck there are even national and international Aeropress championships! 
The secret to the success of the Aeropress, I think, is mainly versatility. If you speak to 100 different baristas who favour the Aeropress, you’ll probably find 100 slightly different brewing methods. You can literally make this thing your own by creating your very own perfect method and recipe to best fit your lifestyle and taste buds.

If you use the Aeropress the way Alan intended it to be used, what’s become known as the standard, “instructions” method or the “un-inverted method” (given the huge popularity of the inverted method), you make a concentrated espresso style coffee to be mixed with hot water and/or with hot milk.

Features and Benefits:

• Super portable and ultra-lightweight, great for traveling
• Unbelievably versatile
• Durable
• Speedy coffee!
• Great cup quality potential
• One of the quickest brewers where clean up is concerned

It’s about as fast and simple as any brewing method could be, in fact I’d say it’s about as close to instant coffee as possible with fresh brewing, you put a filter in the lid, put the lid on, put it on your cup, lob a scoop of ground coffee in, pour coffee on top, stir, plunge, chug.

The inverted method is a pourover style method which usually involves a bloom phase and a steeping phase, and as the name suggests, it involves using it upside down.

Whichever method you choose, the clean up with the Aeropress is faster and easier, certainly more satisfying, than any other manual brewing method. You literally just push the plunger which leads to a “pop” and your used puck of coffee popping out into the bin or compost.

The Aeropress is such a low cost brewer, capable of such amazing cup quality, that I honestly believe every coffee lover should own one. Even if you just use it for travel, or in certain situations, you’ll probably find yourself loving the brewing process and the coffee it makes, fairly equally.

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