1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder


The 1Zpresso JX is one of the best premium entry to mid-range manual grinders on the market. It's mainly brew-focused, but it has the range for espresso too if you're not too fussed about being super-precise with the grind size.

What sets it apart from a lot of the other similarly priced grinders (most manual grinders up to about £120) is the 48mm burrs.

The main result of this is the epic grinding speed, for a manual grinder. Even if you’re grinding for espresso, an 18g dose will probably take you between 40-60 seconds, and if you’ve ever used manual grinders you’ll be aware that this is quick!

Features and Benefits:

• 48mm conical stainless steel burrs
• 30 - 35g capacity
• FAST (at espresso roughly 60-70 rotations for an 18g dose)
• Simple to use (grind adjustment on the bottom)
• Sturdy & reliable

1Zpresso are a Chinese manufacturer of premium manual grinders, and they’ve developed a range of very impressive manual grinders that have become an almost instant hit.

It’s mainly focused towards brew, vs its bigger brother the JX-Pro which has roughly double the grind settings (better fine-tuning), but it doesn’t struggle for range, it’s just that the burr gap change per click is a bit on the big side for espresso, so dialing in ballpark dialing in rather than precision.

One of the things that sets this grinder apart from a lot of other manual grinders, are the big burrs.

If you’re a fella, then you probably subscribe to the good old “size doesn’t matter” proverb ;-), and I’d agree that’s size isn’t everything, but generally speaking, if all things are equal, bigger burrs are better, even more so where manual grinders are concerned.

Overall I’d say if you’re wanting a manual grinder mainly for pourover & other brew methods, but with the ability to occasionally use for espresso, this is a great low-cost option, if you’re purely looking for espresso grinding though, have a look at the JX-Pro.

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