Eco Roasted Coffee Beans

Kev here, 

You may know me from, or from my YouTube Channel, or you may not know me at all, in which case - Hi, I'm Kev ;-). 

Obviously I'm passionate about coffee, if I wasn't I wouldn't have been blogging about it for the past five years or so. As well as blogging and vlogging about coffee, I decided to get involved in coffee even more by creating my own brand of speciality coffee. 

I wanted to create coffees that are a joy to drink, but also which are as kind as possible to the people who grow, pick and process the coffee beans.

I also wanted to create coffees that are as kind as possible to the planet. After all, we only have one planet that sustains us, and even if the likes of Richard Branson & Elon Musk  are working on changing that, who wants to live on Mars?

I looked into getting into roasting the beans myself, and very nearly went down that road. I made the decision, though, to stick to what I'm good at (or at least what I enjoy the most), which is creating content, and to seek an expert roaster to work with.

The roasters I decided to work with, are one of the UK's leading small batch coffee roasters, who actually roast a lot of the coffees you'll find online via other websites.

They have a fantastic supply, of a great range of speciality green coffee beans. Like me, they're nuts about coffee, and they're also passionate about eco friendliness, ethical sourcing & sustainability. 

It's easy to put words like this in marketing blurb, but these guys really put their money where there mouths are!

Not being happy to use the usual gas or electric powered roasters, they figured out that it was possible to roast coffee using a more sustainable energy source - coffee power.

It turns out that waste coffee grounds are packed full of energy, which can be harnessed to provide the thermal energy needed to roast coffee beans. 

While replacing traditional energy sources for roasting coffee, this simultaneously helps with another problem, coffee waste.

Did you realise that over half a million tons of waste coffee grounds are created by the coffee industry each year in the UK alone? This is a real waste of waste, given the huge potential that this waste product has.

Not only that, but this volume of waste coffee grounds emits a huge amount of the greenhouse gas Methane, one of the prime causes of global warming. 

As soon as they discovered that spent grounds are a great, sustainable energy source, they invested time and money into converting their machinery to be able to harness this kind of power.

What they've created, is their own zero waste, closed loop coffee roasting technology, allowing them to roast speciality coffee with as little as possible negative impact on the environment. 

When delivering to coffee shops, they collect their customer's waste coffee grounds to be converted into bio fuel to power a future roast. 

The technology they've developed is so energy efficient, that to roast 10 kilos of coffee beans, only requires around 400 grams of the spent coffee grounds bio fuel! What's more, the excess heat created in the process is stored in large tanks and used to heat the roastery!

These guys don't leave it there, either. In an effort to offset the carbon generated by coffee, they invest time and resources into planting hundreds of fruit trees every month. On average, each fruit tree takes a ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere within its lifetime. 

According to this article, a single cup of coffee has a carbon footprint of around 21 grams. If that's the case, over its life time, a single fruit tree offsets the equivalent of around forty to fifty thousand single shots of espresso! 

These fruit trees are planted in developing countries, areas in which fruit trees are a crucial lifeline, creating food, income, education and opportunity in areas of scarcity. 

All the coffee you'll find here at The Coffee Works, is Eco Roasted - using this brilliant, sustainable, eco friendly process.