Zesty & Floral Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

Origin: Ethiopia Sidamo - Guji

Varietal: Heirloom

Grade: GR1

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 11850-1950m

Certification: Zero Defect. Ethiopia Taste of Harvest Competition: Winner

Zesty & Floral Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

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Taste Notes: Floral, bright & vibrant, with lemon and berries, zesty acidity. Clean cup.

This Ethiopian coffee is a single origin Ethiopia Sidamo, grown on a number small Sidamo estates. The coffee trees providing these coffee beans are Heirloom varietals, it's a natural processed coffee, and is grown at altitudes of 1850-1950 metres above sea level.

These are Grade 1 Ethiopian coffee beans, meaning the highest quality (speciality) coffee beans, which must have less than 5 full defects identified in 300 grams of coffee, and with no primary defects discovered.

This Ethiopia Sidamo coffee won the 2010 Taste of Harvest award, and it's a Zero Defect coffee, meaning that the coffee beans are free of physical imperfections.

This is a bright and vibrant, floral & zesty Ethiopian coffee, and was chosen for all of those who described this kind of flavour profile as their perfect cup.

The Coffeeworks was created by Kev (that's me) from coffeeblog.co.uk, who wanted to become involved with coffee even more, by creating a new brand of coffee. I wanted to find out what my readers were looking for in their coffee, and provide them with exactly that. 

So I published the "Your Perfect Coffee" poll, which gave me some great insights into what my readers were looking for in coffee. This included taste, but also told me a lot about their thoughts on sustainability, ethical sourcing & eco friendliness.

When it came to taste, while many people were looking for flavour profiles such as fruit & nut chocolate, dark chocolate & chocolate & nuts, there was also a good chunk of readers who told me that they prefer floral and bright coffees, and this Ethiopia Sidamo Guji G1 was the perfect choice for these folks.

Freshly Eco Roasted and packed in 100% curbside recyclable bags. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Andrew Booth
Zesty and Floral indeed!

I bought this recently as I saw it linked on Kevs Coffee blog. To say I’m blown away with this blend is a understatement. I only have a basic setup for brewing coffee using a Delonghi Scultura and a Sage Dose Pro Grinder.

With the grind set at around 19 this pulled through a nice cup in around 30 seconds 16g coffee.

Certainly Zesty and I detect a lemon aftertaste I’m think I’ve found my favourite coffee!

Thanks Kev

Gav Bridges
Stunner of a Brew

A Gorgeous Coffee, ideal Morning pick-me-up. Light but packed with flavours, the zesty aftertaste won me over Big time. On my list of favourites


Prompt delivery, decent price & interesting flavours.
Shall order some other varieties soon!

Fabulous coffee- delicious!

Really enjoyed this Ethiopian coffee. Beautiful mouth feel with a light and zesty finish.

Matthew Bessant
Great coffee

Prompt delivery, great value.