Fruit & Nut Blend

Certification: Rainforest Alliance.

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Red Catuai, Cauvery/Catimor

Fruit & Nut Blend

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Taste Notes: Chocolate, hazelnuts & morello cherry. Medium acidity, long and satisfying cocoa finish.

This is a combination of specially selected high quality Arabica coffee beans, blended and freshly roasted (medium roast) to achieve the sought-after taste profile of Fruit & Nut Chocolate. 

This blend includes the following coffees:

Bourbon beans from Fina San Antonio estate, San Antonio, El Salvador. Washed, 1800-2000m.

Caturra beans from Medellin, Colombia. Fully Washed, 1700-2000m.

Red Catuai beans from Cachoeira farm, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Natural. 1100m.

Cauvery (Catimor) beans from Mysore, India. Natural. 1000-2000m.

Bourbon beans from Lam Dong, Vietnam. Fully Washed. 1000-1200m.

In case you don't know the background, Kev from (that's me) decided to create The Coffeeworks, by asking coffeeblog readers what they're looking for in their coffee beans, and then giving them exactly that. 

This wasn't only about taste, but of course taste was an important question, and one of the most commonly described favourite taste notes in coffee, was fruit & nut chocolate. So this medium roast blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans was chosen for this reason.  

Freshly Eco Roasted and packed in 100% curbside recyclable bags. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Li-Chiang Hsiao
Great coffee

Tastes great and fresh.

Frazer Nutton
Initiation to Coffeeworks

Being new to the art of extraction having just bought a Sage Pro thanks to Kev and his eye for a great deal.I’m enjoying finding the combination to the new roast beans taste. This roast has brought my wife and I some great flavour of nut in a satisfying espresso!

ronnie r
A fruit and nutcase

Delicious: medium roast mildly fruity and gently nutty.
18 grammes, at medium grind with 320 grammes water using a V60 worked well.
Will buy again


After watching Kev review the Delonghi Magnifica S and give what appeared to be a very positive recommendation of the machine, I picked one up on Black Friday and ordered some Fruit and Nut beans. However I can’t work out if the sour acidic taste is the cherry or the machine causing issues. I did email Kev for the best way to serve this coffee (Espresso, long coffee etc) but no response.

So I’ll stick the query here and see what people say: what’s the best way to get everything out of this particular bean? Is it better as a longer coffee, or an espresso?

Alex Cohen
Very nice

A really great blend to have at the start of the day. Easy to dial in and the flavour complements oat milk really nicely. If the other blend didn??t exist then this would be my fave!