Fruit & Nut Blend.

Fruit & Nut Blend.

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Certification: Rain Forrest Alliance.

Varietal: 100% Arabica


Taste Notes: Chocolate, hazelnuts & morello cherry. Medium acidity, long and satisfying cocoa finish.

This is a combination of specially selected Rainforest Alliance certified  Arabica coffee beans, blended and freshly roasted, to achieve the sought after taste profile of Fruit & Nut Chocolate. 

In case you don't know the background, Kev from (that's me) decided to create The Coffeeworks, by asking coffeeblog readers what they're looking for in their coffee beans, and then giving them exactly that. 

This wasn't only about taste, but of course taste was an important question, and one of the most commonly described favourite taste notes in coffee, was fruit & nut chocolate. So this medium roast blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans was chosen for this reason.  

Freshly Eco Roasted and packed in 100% curbside recyclable bags. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good beans

I used the beans to make a cappuccino. They made me a tasty, smooth, enjoyable drink. I will buy again :-)

Using the Fruit & Nut Blend for Espresso

I probably need more practice but this didn't make great espresso using my Fracino Piccino Grinder and Sage Bambino Plus.

I'd previously set the grinder up for use with Crosby Coffee's Iron Men blend and was getting close to (in my opinion) perfect espresso with no bitter or sour tastes present after using 18g coffee and the double shot option on the Sage.

When I used this blend I was surprised just how far out the grinder was and just spent too much time trying to get it set for this blend; 250g only gives you 10-12 goes at this and being a noob at coffee I just spent the whole bag trying to find the right grind size.

The espresso was still ok to make a flat white with though. It's just after achieving close to perfection with the previous blend I could definitely taste bitterness using this blend for a 36g-40g espresso. Not horrible but not perfect either,

Smooth tasting coffee

Enjoyed this coffee but I would have preferred a slightly stronger taste. Overall good, smooth chocolate tasting coffee.

Absolutely loved it

This was one of the nicest coffees I have tasted. Will be ordering again soon.

Great Coffee Blend

I am sitting down right now (02/11/2020 @ 15:47) and really enjoying a cup of this lovely coffee..
Yes, I would totally recommend this coffee, that has a great flavour and fragrance..