Custard Cream Single Origin Costa Rica

Origin: West Valley, Costa Rica

Farm: Hacienda Sonora

Owner: Alberto Guardia and his son Diego Guardia

Varietal: Red Catuai

Roast: Medium

Processing: Yellow honey

Altitude: 1200m

Certification: RFA (Rainforest Alliance)

Custard Cream Single Origin Costa Rica

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Taste Notes: Various fruity notes & an increased toffee and caramel sweetness as it cools. Lingering aftertaste of vanilla and caramel reminiscent of custard creams!

This is stunning single origin from Costa Rica, which for me makes for amazing milkies: flat white, cappuccino, latte, cortado etc. 

This coffee presented me with a tonne of different flavour notes from start to finish when cupping. 

I decided on the name "Custard Cream" for this coffee because among the various interesting, changing (as the coffee cools) subtle flavour notes I picked up while cupping, the closest thing I could associate the lingering and pleasant aftertaste with, was custard creams - one of my favourites!

It's important to note if you're new to coffee tasting, that when we're talking about taste notes, we're talking about fairly subtle flavours, and it's very subjective.

I decided to name the coffees I chose for the range based on what most recognisable flavours I associated with them when cupping.

I did this with the first few coffees when the business was launched, fully expecting to have to change the way I name the coffees based on lots of people complaining that they don't taste what I taste, but actually, the opposite was true! 

The majority of customers have told me via the reviews, and via email, that to a large degree they've agreed with my taste descriptions, so I thought I'd carry on in the same way with the new additions and the seasonal coffees. 

But as I've said, it's a subjective thing, and I can only share what flavour notes I pick up. Regardless of whether you agree though, I can't see many people not liking this coffee. 

As I've said, I found this coffee to make a particularly enjoyable milky, my favourite being the flat white. 

By the way, if you're a fan of flat whites and other milkies, just try not heating the milk quite as much as you usually would, and see what you think. The usual advice is to heat the milk to 65C, and I always did that, with the theory that any hotter than this starts to flatten the taste of the milk due to burning the lactose. 

Scientifically this doesn't really make sense as Lactose doesn't burn at these kind of temperatures, but, from doing lots of experimenting I found that actually the best milkies are made with milk that is steamed to within 55-60C and no hotter. 

I think it may actually be simply a case of the taste buds being able to better detect the sweetness at slightly cooler temperatures, but whatever the case, I prefer milkies made with milk at no hotter than 60C. Just try it & see what you think.

Freshly Eco Roasted and packed in 100% curbside recyclable bags. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Custard Cream

Coffee arrived on time and well packaged. Nice smooth coffee and had a well rounded taste with no bitter aftertaste. I can't taste the custard cream though and although I would order it again, I will experiment with another flavour.

Beautiful in a milky

Lovely coffee, as Kev said in his review of it I thought I'd give it a go because I was looking for something nice in a Flat White and this doesn't disappoint, it's fantastic!