Cranberry & Toffee Triple Cert Blend

Certification: Rainforest Alliance. Organic. Fair Trade.

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Red Catuai

Cranberry & Toffee Triple Cert Blend

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Taste Notes: Cranberries, ripe sloe & sweet toffee. Juicy & crisp body.

This is a light-medium roast blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, or to be more specific, this blend contains:

Bourbon & Typica coffee beans from Finca Breman Estate, Baha Verapaz, Guatemala, 1100m.

Caturra & Catuai coffee beans from Santa Anita Estate, Santa Anita, Costa Rica

Red Catuai coffee beans from Cachoeria Farm, Minas Gerais, Brazil 1100m.

If the mere thought of berries & toffee sweetness makes your taste buds do back flips, then this is one for you to try - in fact, this coffee was chosen especially for you! 

In case you're not familiar with how The Coffeeworks came into being - Kev, the coffee mad blogger behind, that's me - came up with an idea to get involved in coffee even more, by creating a coffee brand. 

I'll stop speaking of myself in the third person now, because that's just wierd.

I have very eclectic coffee tastes, I'm yet to taste a freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee that I've not enjoyed for some reason. Even coffees that have had very unusual and unexpected tastes, have been enjoyable to me.

But I realize that I'm a bit unusual ;-), I'm the same with food. I can't actually remember eating anything I didn't actually enjoy, which is probably why I had to put so much time, effort and will power into not being really fat (any more).

So I decided to ask coffee blog readers what their favourite coffee was, with the "Your Perfect Coffee" poll. I asked questions about taste, and other factors including the importance placed on traceability, eco friendliness, and other factors - and then I created The Coffeeworks to give my readers exactly what they asked for. 

While the most common favourites were chocolate & nuts, dark chocolate, and fruit & nut, toffee sweetness and berries were something mentioned by quite a few voters, which led to this coffee being one of those chosen.

If the thought of toffee sweetness and berry fruitiness makes your mouth water, then this is definitely one for you to wrap your face around. If, on the other hand, you're not into such a combination, or at least not in your coffee, then why have you read all of this waffle? ;-).  Maybe you prefer Zesty & Floral, or caramalised biscuit and honey roast peanut? (warning, that one is a decaf!).

As all of the coffees you'll find here at The Coffeeworks, this coffee is freshly eco roasted and packed in 100% curbside recyclable bags. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
paul maginn
Cranberry and toffee

Beans are dry ,hard ,bitter & lacking body, love all the other beans in Kevs shop tho.

Great coffee

I will always order from coffeeworks. Great decaf and amazing customer service.

Scott Riglar
Great coffee

Again another wonderful coffee, I cannot wait for my next delivery.

Richard Dean
Great taste and scent

Our first cups this morning. Much harder than most beans to grind—I use a hand-grinder—the beans are like little bullets. All worth it though: ittasted magnificent and fully lived up to your description. Carefully brewed in a Bialetti...


I have a sage barista pro and no matter what grind setting I use, or temperature I can not overcome the bitterness of this coffee using 18g dose

Hi Dean, this coffee shouldn't taste bitter, sounds like an issue with the extraction. If you drop me an email - I'll happily give you some pointers to hopefully help you to improve the extraction. Cheers, Kev.